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Data Analysis

Analysis vs Analytics

Hey, I often come across people use the keywords such as Analysis and Analytics interchangeably. Aren’t they different? Here are my understanding – Analytics is the field ...
DOMO Data Never Sleeps

How Much Data Is Generated Every Minute?

I woke up this morning to shut my alarm ringing in my mobile. To my astonishment, I’m shaken by the number of notifications each app service produces. Starting with notifications ...
Dont give up

My Top 10 Favorite Affirmations

Time and again, I would revisit my weekly affirmations and add/edit based on my choices and the need of the hour. I’ve consolidated an excellent 10 pointer affirmations that would ...
Networking Questions

6 Networking Questions That Would Help You In Any Event

Have you ever attended a networking event in your professional setting or some random interesting event? Did you get a chance to network with like-minded people? Odds are that, if you’re ...
Uber Alibaba Facebook Airbnb

What is common among Facebook, Uber, Alibaba, Airbnb?

Business models emerging from today’s age are mostly centered around the technology arm of the company. You can name quite a many, I’m sure more than half of the number ...
Critical Questions

3 Questions That You Must Ask

I read an interesting article that described 3 questions you should ask yourself or others with whom you work on an assignment or a project. In this ever-changing business dynamics, ...
No Procrastination

4 Best Life Hacks To Tackle Procrastination

We’ve all been there! Procrastinating our tasks is one single, incurable disease that is something we think it is hard to control and take action. It’s obvious to most ...

50 Websites That Are Hardest To Live Without

There are torrents of websites available online in various categories such as news, programming, technology, business, entertainment etc. Some of the websites are close to your heart ...
Start Over Life Again

Starting Over Life Again

Most often, life looks like a routine, mundane sort of things. I always think about how to add an element of excitement, thrill to this boring life? How to reboot my life and lead ...

Sniply – A Call To Action Tool Review

I’m a sharing a cool tool today which I discovered recently. It’s called Sniply, a call to action tool. I found this to be extremely beneficial for Content Publishers such ...
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